TitleA Cognitive Mobile BTS Solution with Software-Defined Radioelectric Sensing
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMuñoz, J, Vales-Alonso, J, Quiñoy-García, F, Costas-Sanz, S, Pillado, M, González-Castaño, FJ, García-Sanchez, M, López-Valcarce, R, López-Bravo, C
Start Page 2051
Pages 2051-2075
Date Published02/2013
Keywordscognitive radio, dynacs, mobile communications, SDR, vehicular communications

 Private communications inside large vehicles such as ships may be effectively provided using standard cellular systems. In this paper we propose a new solution based on software-defined radio with electromagnetic sensing support. Software-defined radio allows low-cost developments and, potentially, added-value services not available in commercial cellular networks. The platform of reference, OpenBTS, only supports single-channel cells. Our proposal, however, has the ability of changing BTS channel frequency without disrupting ongoing communications. This ability should be mandatory in vehicular environments, where neighbouring cell configurations may change rapidly, so a moving cell must be reconfigured in real-time to avoid interferences. Full details about frequency occupancy sensing and the channel reselection procedure are provided in this paper. Moreover, a procedure for fast terminal detection is proposed. This may be decisive in emergency situations, e.g., if someone falls overboard. Different tests confirm the feasibility of our proposal and its compatibility with commercial GSM terminals.