TitleLow complexity hybrid precoding strategies for millimeter wave communication systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsRusu, C, Méndez-Rial, R, González-Prelcic, N, Heath, Jr., RW
JournalIEEE Trans. Wireless Communications
Pages8380 - 8393
Date Published12/2016
Keywordscompass, mmWave

Millimeter communication systems use large antenna arrays to provide good average received power and to take advantage of multi-stream MIMO communication. Unfortunately, due to power consumption in the analog front-end, it is impractical to perform beamforming and fully digital precoding at baseband. Hybrid precoding/combining architectures have been proposed to overcome this limitation. The hybrid structure splits the MIMO processing between the digital and analog domains, while keeping the performance close to that of the fully digital solution. In this paper, we introduce and analyze several algorithms that efficiently design hybrid precoders and combiners starting from the known optimum digital precoder/combiner, which can be computed when perfect channel state information is available. We propose several low complexity solutions which provide different trade-offs between performance and complexity. We show that the proposed iterative solutions perform better in terms of spectral efficiency and/or are faster than previous methods in the literature. All of them provide designs which perform close to the known optimal digital solution. Finally, we study the effects of quantizing the analog component of the hybrid design and show that even with coarse quantization, the average rate performance is good.