Speaker Venue Date Description Slides
Fernando Pérez-González, Simon Oya Location Privacy: Threats and Opportunities (Tutorial) WIFS'18 (Hong Kong) Lunes, 10 Diciembre, 2018 Icono PDF 2018_WIFS_LP_tutorial.pdf
Simon Oya Filter Design for Delay-Based Anonymous Communications ICASSP'17. New Orleans, Louisiana (US) Lunes, 6 Marzo, 2017 Icono PDF 2017_ICASSP_Poster.pdf
Simon Oya Is Geo-Indistinguishability What You Are Looking for? WPES'17. Dallas, Texas (US) Lunes, 30 Octubre, 2017 Icono PDF 2017_WPES_Slides.pdf
Simon Oya Back to the Drawing Board: Revisiting the Design of Optimal Location Privacy-preserving Mechanisms CCS'17. Dallas, Texas (US) Jueves, 2 Noviembre, 2017 Icono PDF CCS-Presentation.pdf
Simon Oya Meet the Family of Statistical Disclosure Attacks GlobalSIP'13. Austin, Texas (US) Martes, 3 Diciembre, 2013 Icono PDF 2013_GlobalSIP_Poster.pdf
Anxo Tato Arias Link Adaptation and Carriers Detection Errors in Multibeam Satellite Systems with Linear Precoding Berlin, ASMS conference Martes, 11 Septiembre, 2018

The application of linear precoding at the gateway side enables broadband multibeam satellite systems to use more aggressive frequency reuse patterns increasing the overall capacity of future High Throughput Satellites (HTS). However, although some previous works about precoding consider imperfect CSIT (Chanel State Information at the Transmitter) adding some CSI estimation errors, that is not the main cause of CSI degradation. In practice, receivers can only detect and estimate a few coefficients of the CSI vector being the other nullified, replaced by zeros.

Icono PDF Presentation_ASMS_Anxo_Tato_v2.pdf
Anxo Tato Arias Evaluation of New Link Adaptation Techniques for Mobile Satellite Channels (galego) Viernes, 2 Octubre, 2015

Diapositivas da defensa do Proxecto de Fin de Carreira.

Icono PDF PFC_Anxo_Tato_gl.pdf
Anxo Tato Arias Evaluation of New Link Adaptation Techniques for Mobile Satellite Channels (español) Viernes, 2 Octubre, 2015

Diapositivas de la defensa del Proyecto de Fin de Carrera.

Icono PDF PFC_Anxo_Tato_es.pdf
Anxo Tato Arias Deep Learning Assisted Rate Adaptation in Spatial Modulation Links ISWCS Oulu (Finland) Miércoles, 28 Agosto, 2019

The adaptation of Spatial Modulation based links to the channel conditions is challenged by the complicated dependence between performance (either error rate metrics or theoretically achievable rates) and the multiple antenna channel description. In this paper a coding rate selection mechanism is presented based on a carefully selected set of channel features and the proper training of a deep neural network, which all together can satisfy a given error rate bound.

Icono PDF Presentation_ISWCS_Anxo_Tato.pdf
Anxo Tato Arias Link Adaptation Algorithms for Dual Polarization Mobile Satellite Systems Oxford, United Kingdom Jueves, 14 Septiembre, 2017

The use of dual polarization in mobile satellite systems is very promising as a means for increasing the transmission capacity. In this paper a system which uses simultaneously two orthogonal polarizations in order to communicate with the users is studied. The application of MIMO signal processing techniques along with Adaptive Coding and Modulation in the forward link can provide remarkable throughput gains up to 100 % when compared with the single polarization system. The gateway is allowed to vary the MIMO and Modulation and Coding Schemes for each frame.

Icono PDF DualPol_Wisats_2017-v2.pdf