TítuloMemory Tricks: Improving Active Interference Cancellation for Out-of-Band power reduction in OFDM
Tipo de publicaciónConference Paper
Year of Publication2021
AutoresHussain, K, López-Valcarce, R
Conference NameIEEE Int. Workshop Signal Process. Adv. Wireless Commun. (SPAWC)
Conference LocationLucca, Italy (Virtual event)
Palabras claverodin, spectrum shaping

Although active interference cancellation (AIC) is an appealing approach to reduce out-of-band radiation (OBR) in multicarrier systems without distorting data subcarriers, it usually requires a large number of reserved subcarriers to be effective. Introducing memory in AIC precoding may help alleviate this drawback in exchange for some increase in computational complexity. We propose a novel memory AIC precoder which, in contrast to previous schemes, minimizes OBR within a user-selectable frequency region and allows for controlling spectral overshoot.