TítuloAn Adaptive Feedback Canceller for Full-Duplex Relays Based on Spectrum Shaping
Tipo de publicaciónJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AutoresLópez-Valcarce, R, Antonio-Rodríguez, E, Mosquera, C, Pérez-González, F
JournalIEEE J. Selected Areas in Communications
Páginas1566 - 1577
Date Published08/2012
Palabras claveadaptive signal processing, dynacs, full duplex
Resumen Although full-duplex relaying schemes are appealing in order to improve spectral efficiency, simultaneous reception and transmission in the same frequency results in selfinterference,distorting the retransmitted signal and making the relay prone to oscillation. Current feedback cancellation techniques by means of adaptive filters are hampered by the fact that the useful and interference signals are highly correlated. We present a new adaptive algorithm which effectively and blindlyrestores the spectral shape of the desired signal. In contrastwith previous schemes, the novel adaptive feedback canceller has low complexity, does not introduce additional delay in the relay station, and partly compensates for multipath propagation.