TítuloFast-fading channel estimator using DCT and simplified kalman filter
Tipo de publicaciónConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AutoresSchmidt, JF, Cousseau, JE, Wichman, R, Gregorio, FH
Conference NameSignal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications, 2007. SPAWC 2007. IEEE 8th Workshop on
Páginas1 -5
Date Publishedjune
Palabras claveband-pass filters, basis function approximations, channel coefficient, channel Doppler spectrum, channel estimation, channel estimator, channel variations, decoupled parameters, discrete cosine transform, discrete cosine transforms, Doppler effect, fading channels, fast-fading channel, Kalman filter, Kalman filters, low complexity estimator, narrow-band filters, passband filters, training symbols