TítuloDissection of multibeam satellite communications with a large-scale antenna system toolbox
Tipo de publicaciónConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AutoresArnau, J, Mosquera, C
Conference NameEuropean Wireless 2014 (EW2014)
Conference LocationBarcelona, Spain
Palabras clavedynacs, large-scale analysis, Massive MIMO, multibeam satellites, Multiuser detection, satcom

Current multibeam satellite systems consist of a very large number of spot beams. In this paper, we analyze them from the large scale MIMO perspective, and establish a comparison with massive MIMO systems. It will be shown that the large number of beams has important operational implications, and that it simplifies the analysis because it allows using asymptotic results. However, it will also be shown that multibeam satellite systems cannot be considered massive MIMO systems.