TítuloAnalysis and Design of Multirate Synchronous Sampling Schemes for Sparse Multiband Signals
Tipo de publicaciónConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AutoresDomínguez-Jiménez, ME, González-Prelcic, N
Conference Name European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2012)
Date Published08/2012
Palabras clavecompressive sampling, Kruskal rank, multiband sparse signal, Multicoset sampling, multirate sampling, universal pattern


We consider the problem of developing efficient samplingschemes for multiband sparse signals. Previous results onmulticoset sampling implementations that lead to universalsampling patterns (which guarantee perfect reconstruction),are based on a set of appropriate interleaved analog to digital converters, all of them operating at the same samplingfrequency. In this paper we propose an alternative multiratesynchronous implementation of multicoset codes, that is, allthe analog to digital converters in the sampling scheme operate at different sampling frequencies, without need of introducing any delay. The interleaving is achieved through theusage of different rates, whose sum is significantly lower thanthe Nyquist rate of the multiband signal. To obtain universalpatterns the sampling matrix is formulated and analyzed. Appropriate choices of the parameters, that is the block lengthand the sampling rates, are also proposed